ATLAS Consortium

Working as part of the Atlas Consortium with HP, we are involved with numerous projects as well as providing infrastructure and patching services. We provide the network and patching side of all minor changes throughout the MOD both secret and restricted – all our engineers are SC cleared as a minimum.  This includes both copper and fibre.

For the last 18 months we have been decommissioning older legacy systems for the MOD, taking out network components and kit at bases throughout the country. In order to achieve signoff for sites, the Atlas Consortium must ensure that the level of quality of the network and patching in particular meets certain high standards – Solvings meets these high standards and maintains a quality resource for call-off for minor changes and sig-change work (significant/sizeable changes) as required.

Solvings recently completed a High Profile Remedial re-patching project at RAF Strike Command High Wycombe – this was always going to be sensitive and accurate work, with network downtime to manage, but when the Libyan Crisis happened and the project’s level of importance rose, everyone was confident in our ability to continue the work and handle the changes that occurred.  Job successfully completed.

It has been a pleasure to see such a professional approach & dedication to the task at hand, together with the highly proactive and self-motivated approach of the Solvings team members on the ground, and I have been particularly impressed by their willingness to take the initiative, and liaise directly with users both prior to, and following, the various network patching changes.
— SCIDA, Site Representative based at RAF High Wycombe

Active Managed Network Infrastructure

Our Engineers have experience in providing design and installation of networked systems and infrastructure to a high standard, main area of project work has been for the Government and Defence sector over a number of years which were completed within rigid time constraints and to the satisfaction of the client.

Project Management

Solvings can provide you with Project Managers to deliver your projects, be that technical, or seasoned Infrastructure Delivery Managers and SPMs. We are continually briefed on the project engagements, we aim to understand the key deliverables and ensure the entire Solvings Team strive to provide contingency to your project should additional resource be needed.


Our network specialists and team leaders have significant experience of large scale Enterprise Infrastructure deployment and Decommission projects. Working to an agreed framework and guidelines established through close co-operation with our own SME’s and customer requirements. Safe and timely moves of all types of IT equipment such as desktop, laptop, and printer installations including configurations for major rollouts. Additionally decommissioning of redundant systems and disposal are managed by our experienced team to minimise disruption in the work place.

Server-room Management and Maintenance

Network connectivity inventory incorporating provision of complete and accurate documentation, removal of redundant equipment and excess patching to free up ports enabling the client to maximise port availability. Our Server room remedial patching work earns plaudits from the professionals and shows exactly how the work should be done and managed. If we can perform these to the exacting MOD standards, then we think they will fit in with your requirements.