MOD Lyneham

MOD Lyneham, formerly RAF Lyneham, is being redeveloped to create a new £230m Tri Service Defence College of Technical Training (DCTT).  The MOD required pre-enabling works to allow for the demolition of the area that will form the Technical College, due to commence early 2014.

Solvings were engaged to provide the CIS infrastructure of the new domestic site by Beards of Swindon for Debut who themselves are a joint venture between Lend Lease and Babcock, in order to allow MOD staff to move from the buildings required to be demolished.

Solvings tasks included:

  • Design and build a new Network Equipment Room (NER)
  • From the NER and hub, install Cat5e cabling to the Terminal Access Points (TAP) throughout the main building and two tertiary buildings
  • Install a cross-site fibre to link the new NER to the main core network within the site. 

The passive installation was completed to cost and ahead of schedule to an exemplary standard, much to the MOD’s satisfaction.

The passive installation of infrastructure on the C site risk mitigation works has gone extremely well, the entire project is ahead of schedule with all risks mitigated and no issues looming! I must say that is a first for me. The principle reason for this position is the positive impact that Solvings have had on the project…

Solvings have been able to analyse second order issues and tackle them before they have become problems across all aspects of the project, most notably on the installation of the building management systems pan site, which relies on a number of additional sub-contractors…

The standard of the cable installation is first class and it is the programmes intention to use the building to demonstrate to the down selected contractor ‘what good looks like’ as a best of breed example.
— Capt. (TOT) S. Brown, ICS3 DTTCP

An additional benefit to the whole process, is that, as an Atlas Sub-contractor and requested by the MOD, Solvings have been engaged by them to deliver the active element of the transformation and have commissioned DII active infrastructure to enable the staff to migrate to the new offices: all lines of communications for the different systems being managed and deployed by Solvings.

Other completed successful projects have been at RAF Strike Command High Wycombe, Sandhurst, Bicester, RNAS Yeovilton, Bicester and other smaller ones.