RAF Wyton


The CIS installation into the Pathfinder Building at RAF Wyton was part of The Programme to Rationalise and Integrate the Defence Intelligence Estate (PRIDE). 


The installation required a Construction Design and Management (CDM) Principle in order to fulfil all the responsibilities expected by the HSE from a Principle Contractor (2007 CDM regulations refers).


Solvings provided the MOD with Site Managers who were all security cleared to a level commensurate with the operational environment (Top Secret), and produced bespoke H&S procedures sympathetic to the installation of the CIS equipment.

Each sub-contractor (CIS Atlas, BT, Lockheed-Martin, Vega, Cable & Wireless and Skanska) was comprehensively briefed and provided with site-specific instructions and advice relating to the construction of, and adherence to, RAMS (Risk Assessments & Method Statements) procedures throughout building occupation.

You will no doubt be pleased to know that we made a safe and operationally very successful transition into Pathfinder for which Solvings deserve a share of the credit… the Programme continues to apply the principles, as set out by Solvings.
— PRIDE (CIS) Project Manager