Social Engineering Penetration Testing

manipulate utilises a variety of techniques to test an organisation’s security and policies against cyberattacks. These methods can be broken down into three types: Physical; Verbal; Digital.

The Process

Identifying risks before a genuine attack raises staff awareness, creating a safe and secure organisation. Rather than implementing changes based hypothetical scenarios, Physical, Verbal and Digital tests can show where you are exposed now.

The process begins with an extensive information gathering and risk profiling exercise, to locate the attack vectors a fraudster would use. Mimicking the persona of a successful fraudster, we will send a highly-trained social engineer to infiltrate your business premises, as a live Physical penetration test, and conduct external Verbal and Digital attacks. We will identify where your vulnerabilities lie, and provide a full report to your board with potential solutions.

The last step is a training solution, delivered by the social engineer to management and to employees. This will highlight weaknesses and congratulate those already aware of the protocols and abiding by the Business Continuity Plan. This hands-on, high-impact approach can create the culture shock necessary to heighten awareness and resilience to potential threats.


  • Improve resilience and vigilance of employees across all departments.
  • Increase awareness of growing threats to an organisation’s security.
  • Train all staff on their weaknesses and congratulate them on their strengths.
  • Give management the tools and knowledge to successfully defend and report their department’s cyber threats
  • Using the high impact of Test&Teach to instigate the security culture needed within a modern world.

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Solvings is a Trusted Channel Partner of Xyone Cyber Security. Based at Lancaster University, Xyone are nationally-recognised market leaders in cyber security services, providing accessible and dynamic services that extend beyond technology to encompass people, culture, processes and even the physical environment to make your business as resilient as possible against the threat of cyber attacks.