The Internal Security Training Solution

As leaders in threat mitigation, Xyone developed the Cyber Security Policy Awareness Training Solution called mitigate, accredited by GCHQ.

mitigate provides a range of 12 culture changing Information Security policies to ensure that all employers and employees are able to protect their organisation from threats. Staff are trained in a quick, easy and cost-effective process on Online Security, Information Security, Remote Security and Workstation Security. 

5 steps to reduce your internal risk

Step 1 – User Registration

Once Mitigate has been set up with your company's cyber security policy, each user will be sent a registration email to set up their individual Mitigate portal. Once registered, the user will have full access to the policies and courses.

Step 2 – GCHQ-certified eLearning

All twelve courses were inspired by real life incidents of security breaches, and learners are asked to follow scenarios and gather skills that are invaluable for future use, with the generic rules from each policy integrated into each course.

Step 3 – User Assessments

At the end of each module, there is an assessment that needs to be taken that consists of scenario-based questions based on the three policies within each module. The assessments have a minimum pass mark of 80%.

Step 4 – Cyber Policy Signing

Upon completion of the four assessments, the employee can now sign that they adhere to the company's cyber security policies.

Step 5 – Trusted Employee Status

This status confirms that employees are trained in the 12 key areas, signed the policies, and demonstrated competence by exceeding the 80% pass mark.


GCHQ-certified E-Learning Modules

Online Security Training Bundle

Password Policy
Email Policy
Internet Usage Policy

Remote Security Bundle

Mobile & Remote Working Policy
Public Wi-Fi Policy
BYOD Policy

Information Security Training Bundle

Information Classification Policy
Cryptographic Controls Policy
Backup Policy

Workstation Security Training Bundle

Clear Desk Policy
Disposable & Destruction Policy
Social Engineering Policy

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Solvings is a Trusted Channel Partner of Xyone Cyber Security. Based at Lancaster University, Xyone are nationally-recognised market leaders in cyber security services, providing accessible and dynamic services that extend beyond technology to encompass people, culture, processes and even the physical environment to make your business as resilient as possible against the threat of cyber attacks.