Solvings delivers motivational assistance to our Wounded, Injured and Sick Servicemen

Solvings is a company with its roots anchored within a very tight-knit community.  We recognise that North Wales and the North West of England provides a fertile recruiting area for HM Forces, and understand and respect the contribution that many generations of service personnel from these regions have provided at home and, especially, abroad. The sacrifices that our Troops have made, of course, has been brought into even greater focus with the centenary of the beginning of World War One earlier in the summer.

Given the company’s established partnership with the Recovery Career Services (a charitable organisation that helps rehabilitate Wounded, Injured and Sick service personnel), Solvings is also in a unique position to help those service people with the greatest need to find new and fulfilling careers that meet their own individual requirements, while assisting them in moving on with their lives.

Part of this commitment involves the provision of motivational presentations, relating to the transition from military life into the civilian community, and it was from this perspective that Dougie Eaglesham (Solvings Practice Lead), visited the Personnel Recovery Centre at Tedworth House in Wiltshire on 28th August 2014.

Based on the Wiltshire/Hampshire border with easy access from the M3 and M4, Tedworth is one of four Personnel Recovery Centres run by Help for Heroes, and which forms part of the MoD’s Defence Recovery Capability.  The House provides support to serving and veteran members of the Armed Forces who have been wounded, injured or become sick.

Dougie’s remit was to help the audience of 14 service personnel identify and understand, through a series of examples and case studies, the transferrable skills that they would all undoubtedly have accumulated throughout their careers. The presentation lasted for approximately one hour, and formed part of Core Recovery Event (2), a two week long course which represents one of the key stepping stones on the pathway back to civilian life for the majority of the attendees. The initial feedback from the military staff (who provide the backbone of the teaching and administrative support at Tedworth House) was positive, while Dougie felt genuinely humbled by the experience.

The Recovery Career Service welcomes enquiries from companies who might wish to provide support and assistance to Wounded, Injured or Sick service personnel nearing the end of their rehabilitation process. Contact details can be found at the following website: