What can free Wi-Fi do for you?

The way we interact with Wi-Fi has changed faster than we could ever have imagined in the last decade, and the technology has moved along with it.

Gone are the days of faulty connections, only stable enough to get you online, but without enough coverage to actually do anything. With simple installation, discreet appearances and strong, ubiquitous coverage as standard, Wi-Fi can no longer be singled out as an unreliable technology. 

Free WiFi is an incredible tool, but it is not automatic revenue in itself. So, we’ve put together something that will answer any questions you may have about what Wi-Fi can really do for you.

I. Aren’t routers huge and ugly?

Hardware manufacturers know that everything matters when you’re running a business. Routers are designed to be powerful, but discreet, and easily removed should they need resetting or adjusting. This way, they can be placed in ideal locations, providing strong, ubiquitous coverage, without you having to sacrifice on appearances.

II. But what do to the actual Wi-Fi?

Just as this hardware has improved, what Wi-Fi can give you has too! The true potential from free Wi-Fi comes through the information you can gather from your customer base.

A simple login can give you instant emails for your subscriber list and likes for your social media accounts, which give you instant analytics for a clearer, more effective marketing strategy. Or, using heat-maps, you can gain a better understanding of footfall and dwell times.  

III. So what happens then?

The benefits from free Wi-Fi don’t stop when a customer leaves. With the licenses such as Purple, you can send out vouchers, competitions, e-shots, anything to get people talking about your business.

IV. But do people actually want free Wi-Fi?

A survey by Hotels.com in 2015 found that 50% of respondents said that free Wi-Fi is a must have when travelling, and the amenity that 60% of respondents want to become standard in all hotels.

Besides, as shiny as your marketing may be, word of mouth is still a powerful tool. Free customer Wi-Fi gives smaller businesses the edge that gets people talking. You have a built in platform to not only communicate with your customers, but an excellent reason for visitors to talk to one another.

Free Wi-Fi is no longer something people view as a luxury; it’s become a basic need for interacting with the world and going about our day, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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